Personalized Custom Photo Gift Soccer Ball - Family Watchs
Personalized Custom Photo Gift Soccer Ball - Family Watchs
Personalized Custom Photo Gift Soccer Ball - Family Watchs
Personalized Custom Photo Gift Soccer Ball - Family Watchs

Personalized Custom Photo Gift Soccer Ball

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Personalized Soccer Ball

Looking for a special gift for football enthusiast friends or team members? This personalized custom soccer ball is definitely a great choice, guaranteed to bring them joy!

To enrich your life, we introduce the Personalized Custom Gift Soccer Ball. It's not just a soccer ball; it's your ball. It bears witness to precious memories and good times in your life. You can print your most cherished photos, heartfelt messages, or even your unique logo on this soccer ball, making it a heartfelt gift for yourself, family, friends, or loved ones.

This soccer ball will be the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or other special occasions. It's not just a gift; it's an expression of your deep emotions and blessings to them. Whether it's for family, coaches, friends, lovers, or yourself, this soccer ball will bring you endless joy and emotions.


Personalized Customization: Upload the photo you want to customize, we will customize the soccer ball minus the accidental part except the head.

High-Quality Materials: Made with premium materials, ensuring the durability and stability of the soccer ball, making your gift more lasting.

Perfect Customization: We provide perfect customization services, allowing you to choose what you want to print on the soccer ball, making it a truly unique gift.

Let's use this personalized custom gift soccer ball to record every beautiful moment in life, making this gift an eternal emotional bond between you, your family, friends, or loved ones. Whenever and wherever, this soccer ball will symbolize your heartfelt blessings and sincere emotions.

Purchase Notice:

  1. Ordering Process: Please read the HOW TO CUSTOMIZE.
  2. How It's Made: After receiving the order, our designers will optimize the photos you provide and layout your text. If there are any flaws, we will contact you via email for adjustments or replacements. UV printing is used, printed on the hexagons of the soccer ball. Workers will hand-sew according to the template we designed.
  3. Production Time: It takes approximately 2-4 days to complete the above steps.

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  1. Choose Style:Β First, decide if you want to add words. (Words will occupy space on the ball.)
  2. Enter Text:Β If you choose to add words, enter the text you want to display on the soccer ball.
  3. Upload Photos:Β Select the number of photos you want to upload, then upload up to 20 photos you want to display on the soccer ball. You can upload multiple photos at once.

4.Confirm Information:Β Before placing your order, please confirm that the added words and photos are what you want.

5.Place Order:Β Once confirmed, simply place your order and wait for your personalized soccer ball to be delivered to you.

This soccer ball is composed of a total of 32 panels, with 20 panels in hexagonal shape and 12 panels in pentagonal shape. Currently, we only support personalizing photos and text on the hexagonal panels, while the pentagonal panels are only for customizing colors. You can personalize any information on the 20 hexagonal panels. It's worth noting that if you choose to add text information, please allocate enough panels for it when uploading photos.

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